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Module 7 Exercise 5
05-08-2011, 06:23 PM
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Module 7 Exercise 5
At page 159 the Verdict is 11.g4?!, but what is the right continuation for Black?

Thx, best regards.

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05-10-2011, 04:55 AM
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RE: Module 7 Exercise 5
White does not have any particularly strong plans here. This is one reason I suggest avoiding this position, which occurs if Black plays ...b6 and ...Bb7 before playing ...c5. For C-K players, one way to avoid this is by playing Nbd2 before Bd3. See module 2 for more on this idea.

That being said, one reasonable play for White in this position is to try to force Black to resolve the center and work his pieces over to the K-side. For example: Qh3 followed by Nf3, which threatens Ng5 and allows Nxd7 followed by Ne5, then Bd2-e1 (allowing an eventual Bh4) and Rad1.

These moves are meant to frustrate Black's efforts at getting play down the c-file. I don't think White wants to play on the Q-side (unless Black plays ...a5, threatening ...Ba6, in which case White should consider Bb5 and a4).
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